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The building is located inside the  historical Cattle Market in Carpi. The restoration project is to be considered as an integral part of the project of urban regeneration of thi city area. The project aims at a building as hostel for young tourists and disabled people who will be  present at the local Festival of Different Abilities. The building aims at becoming a significant part of the urban tissue and in the nearby park respecting the market historical identity.

Only natural materials  have been used for the restoration, starting from the ground insulation to the wall insulation by the inner interspace in mineral fiber; the covering has been realized with ventilation and insulation in wooden fiber. The hostel offers 25 beds and on its ground floor there are three multifunctional rooms to be used for social activities. Now, after the 2012 earthquake the building is used by  the public administration as offices.

The total amount of the structural intervention is of 1.2 milion €

Youth Hostel
Town of Carpi

Renovation of historic building

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